The Howl And The Many

by Suns

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released July 9, 2010

Nick Enderle - guitars, mandolin, springs, vocals
Matt Lemke - rhodes, magnus, harmonium, synth, guitar, vocals
Kody Nixon - bass, banjo, vocals
Mikey Russell - guitars, vocals
Clinton Weber - drums, glockenspiel, vocals
Chris Pagnani - drums, clarinet, vocals



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Suns Chicago

Suns are back for another round of dragging atmospheric rock into the alley to smack the stars out of its eyes. Armed with their first full length, "When We Were Us," the band takes a leaner, meaner and more melodic approach to its distinct brand of ribcage-shaking density. The darkness, the drunkenness, the desperation - it's all still there, but now it digs in with sharper hooks. ... more

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Track Name: Everything Changes
draw together the good parts have come and gone

have you come back for me?

have i folded both my hands in knots?

on the hollow ground

draw together the good parts are far from on

i haven't lost my sense

i just stumbled on a line untaught

and the rope un-knots

you lost it forever ago

in a time back when we had the best of the heavens

when we rolled out farther than we thought we could go

in a time long gone where we could see through the changes

we thought we knew.

draw together the good parts are lost and gone

i remember our bold voices

belting out our redemption fits

when you stood for the truth

draw together the good parts that you gave up

now im here waving my left hand

saying "everything changes i guess.."

i learned it from you

i held more ideas than you could ever know,

but it all comes down to shaking hands that just don't fit together

so we breath out slow just to remember

that we cant change whats already happened

so we roll both eyes over and over

at the change of it all.
Track Name: Orange Peels
i threw my my hands up, i saw what was beneath me

under trees we saw the ashes hit the ground

all the smoke stacks, all furnace burning

all the fire coming right up from the ground

what a machine, what a monster churning

we saw the fire and we heard the fires sound

big bad smoke stacks covering was i see

under trees we saw the ashes hit the ground

we march one by one into the belly of the beast

numbered graphed and measured out to fit the template of the machine

medicine in water sources keep the land locked and borders banned

regulate the chemicals to keep the questions from sight and hand

its not how things should be

lie after lie

we lose much more than we understand

day and night

everything they taught you is a lie

branch and branch after twisted branch, we see them split and re-seam

cross and flag after cross and flag, is all thats left to be seen

and we don't know how it has come this way

we don't see how it will last

and we don't see how much the difference makes

when all we know is all the things that we've been fed

and all of it is a lie.
Track Name: Four Winds
long after dark

floating in glass

i hear the long dark whiskey laughs

"you don't know the half of it."

it comes and it goes. underneath the weight of burdens

it starts and it slows. clap your hands for strangers like me

when all my worries have come and gone i don't remember how they felt at all

i just sit by my reasons with open arms i don't remember how they felt at all

who do you think your fuckin with?

my friends are coming back here.

"you don't know the half of it."